Maybe more “stimulus” would help

Or perhaps a bigger subsidy.

Whatever. The Volt still isn’t selling. So they are “temporarily halting production“.

Gee, who would have guessed that the public doesn’t want a cramped, sluggish, expensive car with a 15 year payback (based on fuel savings to catch up with the price you (over) paid vs any other mid sized sedan) that rides poorly and has little cargo room?

Who’d have thought?

3 thoughts on “Maybe more “stimulus” would help

  1. In other news, I saw a Prius the other day on I88 west, get hit- hard- by a big truck. It was very ugly but all four occupants opened their doors themselves and walked away, so I am impressed by the durability of the little buggers. I did not expect that, and I'm happier about your'n.

  2. They've done the same with the Nissan Leaf (I don't think they're even advertising it anymore)…

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