Not worried about doing their jobs: Indiana State Police edition


So they are doing work at an interstate exit I have to drive past on my way to work.

Normally, not a big deal, except that this morning, one of the stoplights was not working. The drivers entering the intersection were, actually, doing a pretty good job of dealing with it, pretty much treating the now uncontrolled intersection as if it were a  4 way stop. Traffic was flowing pretty good, but still…

I pulled out my cell phone and called the Indiana State police 800 number. No joy, I kept getting connected to Indianapolis rather than the closest post.  “No big deal”, says I, “I drive right past their office and can stop and let them know….”

So I did.

I pulled into their lot and, just to be sure that I was legal, disarmed and walked into the office. Good thing too.

A snarly looking man opened the window and said “What do you want?” ….Nice greeting. Oh well….

“Just thought that I’d let you know that the stoplight is out about a mile from here…..West side of the highway. Maybe you can call someone?”

“Nope. Call County. We don’t deal with that.”

“Perhaps you could call them? I don’t have the number…” I suggested.

“Nope, You call ’em”

With that, he closed the window and walked away.  Nice. I successfully restrained myself from knocking on the window to ask him why he was being a total dick or other such questions, and walked out the door

So I left the building, googled the county I was in for the Sheriff’s number, called it, and let them know that the light was out. The dispatcher was polite, thanked me, and said she’d inform the right people. 

When I drove past the area about an hour later, the lights were working again. Seems that the County folks take their job seriously.

Now: the Indiana State Police no longer “Serve and Protect”, but their mission statement is:

  1. The protection of life and property will be our primary focus.
  2. We will uphold and defend federal and Indiana state constitutions and enforce all laws.
  3. We will address crimes and offenders with diligent, conscientious and proactive initiatives.
  4. We will ensure public safety on our roadways with vigorous and directed traffic enforcement.
  5. We will assist the public and all police agencies at any time and in any manner possible.

When I later called the folks at the post to suggest that they might want to take a look at the desk guy’s attitude, I was again told that the “State Police have better things to do” and that calling the county sheriff is the correct procedure. 

Seems that they haven’t read their own mission statement. Surely they have a number close at hand for the Sheriff, rather than making me look it up on my smartphone? Not to mention the whole “courteous” thing…or the “safety” thing…or the “assist” part either. 

Really, WTF do we need the ISP for that the county folks can’t do?  

5 thoughts on “Not worried about doing their jobs: Indiana State Police edition

  1. I believe if you'll substitute "Gestapo " for the word "Police" the attitude of that prick will becessier to understand.

    It's people like him that give Law Enforcement such a bad name.

  2. Yep, attitude adjustment needed out that way! Fire em all, and let the County handle it!

  3. Gee … I wonder how many tax payer dollars that particular post breezes through per annum (Don't forget pension costs!).

  4. I once witnessed a Mo State Patrolman swerve around two huge tire remnants, pass a derelict old trailer abandoned at the side of the road and ignore a stranded motorist just to do a u-turn over the median and flip on his lights to catch a speeder. All in the space of about a mile just East of Kansas City on I-70.

  5. The difference in a place where the boss is elected and the boss is hired. At least most of the time the average sheriff realizes who he or she works for.

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