I thought about this all day Friday, after watching the big finale on TV….I liked the speeches at the RNC convention.

Rommney did a decent job. He said many of the right things. He stirred up the faithful, who were going to vote for him anyway. His sermon to the choir was an outstanding success.


He had no passion, no drive, and no fire in his belly. Ryan had a lot more, and Rubio rocked the house. Not Mitt though. I was, to put it bluntly, underwhelmed.

He didn’t convince me that he isn’t a different brand of statist.

He’ll repeal Obamacre and REPLACE it? With what? A different brand of Socialized Medicine? Rommneycare instead? Dude, really.

I didn’t hear him say a lot of things:…..

No promise to reduce the size of government. No promise to change the way we do government.
No promise to get rid of any government agencies. Not one. Not one single 3 letter agency. Or even reduce their size and reach…. ATF, DOE, Dept of Education, Interior or DHS or TSA or EPA (Especially EPA!) etc. No promise of fewer regulations for businesses. No promise of greater freedoms for the US Citizen. No promise of fewer (or lower) taxes.

I didn’t hear him say anything about the border, or illegal immigration. Or security for this country and the citizens who make it great. Nor any pro second amendment statement from him. Really, I heard a bunch of words but no meaning.

No, what I heard was an empty suit promising that we need him and his brand (R) of statism rather than the brand (D) we already have. Yes, it’d be nice to have Obama and his ilk gone from the White House….But I never heard Mitt tell me why he was going to be better. How he would fundamentally change the direction that this country is going. Yeah, he mentioned debt reduction, but never said how…..Higher taxes rather than reduced spending? AFAIK, he hasn’t said.

So I really don’t know why I should vote for Mittens except for the fact that he isn’t Obama. I really would rather vote FOR someone rather than AGAINST someone else. Why should I vote for Mitt and just get a different heel on my neck? A different hand holding the whip. A different way to spend my money on different people and companies and sectors of the economy and a different way to  reduce my freedoms. A different brand of statist? We already tried that last time, and got GWB, who never vetoed any spending and grew the size of government…admittedly less growth than Obama, but still a great deal of growth…and spending and debt. Let us not forget that he gave us the DHS and the TSA.

Seems to me that the shit tastes the same no matter if it is on a sandwich made from rye or white and what kind of cheeze on the shit sandwich makes little difference either. …..It’s still a shit sandwich. And shit is shit. Which is the choice we have here. Shit on rye or shit on white. But still shit.

So really, aside from “anybody but Obama” why should I cast my vote for Mitt? Do you really think he’ll do less damage?

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  1. Yup.

    And all that "Mitt Romney did all those good works" bit sounds to me like "compassionate conservatism".

  2. "why should I cast my vote for Mitt? Do you really think he'll do less damage? "

    Certainly. The more important question is, what will Obama do with a second term? He'll destroy our rights by executive fiat, because he has already announced his intentions to do so. And nobody will do anything whatsoever to stop him, and there won't be people rising up and fighting for their freedoms, because it's not happening now.

    The plain and simple fact is, there will never, ever ever, ever ever be a candidate for the presidency that gets to the Big Election that is perfect. Ever. Just not going to happen. Liberals will "Settle for less", and in settling for less the have dragged the country so far to the left, we hardly recognize it. Conservatives have integrity, of course, and won't vote for anyone who isn't just right, and in doing have handed the country to the left; the left hasn't taken it, we've given it to them. On a platter.

    "Why should I vote for Mitt and just get a different heel on my neck? A different hand holding the whip"

    Why? Because no matter how many times I ask, nobody ever has any answer as to how to make it any better. And yes, I'm being an ass. I have a vested interest in the future, I have a child who has to live in it. I'll be an ass all I want, and I will keep doing it, forever.

    Today I'm going to a piece of private land in central illinois. In my pocket are a handful of acorns from the big oak in my front yard. When I get there I will step those acorns into the ground. Not all of them will grow, not all of them will become trees. But I'm planting seeds.

  3. It won't make any difference who's living at 1600 Penn. Ave. We'd need to get rid of the other 535 asshats, too. And, maybe, the 9 scorpions.

    I have never, and will never vote FOR an 'R' or a 'D'. I vote AGAINST any incumbent unless there's a Libertarian or Constitutionalist running.

    Og, that's not wasting my vote. It's voting for who I want for the office.

  4. Well, I'm planting seeds as well. I'm just doing it in a libertarian fashion.

    Despite all the stuff that various folks throw out there, if you look at the voting records of Obama and Romney, which is all the actual data we have to judge with, the difference is just slightly over a bucket of warm spit. A Romeny presidency will likely be little different than an Obama presidency.

    I've been holding my nose and voting for the lesser of two evils for a long time now, and I'm not doing it any longer. It doesn't help, and I've come to the conclusion isn't actually causing harm. I've got two kids who will have to live in this world, and I want to give them one with as little evil in it as possible. So I'm going to vote for the one candidate who has a track record of voting for smaller, less intrusive and less expensive government–Gary Johnson.

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