Bad decisions….

So I have this employee. Nice kid. Nice guy overall. He works hard for me, and does a decent job.

But he never has any money. Always broke, always behind.

Today, he asked me if it was legal for the ATM at the convenience store to charge $5 for each transaction. He was complaining that they had just raised the charge from $4.

I asked him why he didn’t use the banks ATM, as that should be free.

“Too far out of my way.” he replied. “I gotta go 6 blocks off my route to work…that takes 10 minutes. makes me late for work”

“Leave earlier”, I replied.

“I just hate having to spend $5.00 every day to get my money,” he said. Ignoring the suggestion.

“How much do you get every day?” I asked.

“$20” he answered.

“So you spend $25 a week to get $20 per day?” I asked. “25 % of your cash for ATM fees?”


“So get a $100 on Monday, and save the charges. That’s saving you $20 a week”

“Can’t do that…if I did that, I’d spend it all in one day”.

Some people just screw themselves. He’s spending $25 per week to have access to his $100. Because he can’t control himself.

And he wonders why he is always broke. 

6 thoughts on “Bad decisions….

  1. People like that not only deserve what they are doing to themselves, they need it to eventually learn from the lesson. Your young stud is at leasst on the right path, as he knows that he cannot control his spending. Now he is learning that his lack of control is costing him more than it used to. Perhaps he will eventually learn that he canot afford to be out of control over his spending.

    On the other hand, what are you learning by having an employee who can manage on a self-imposed weekly allowance of $125?

    stay safe.

  2. I know a person EXACTLY like that. I have tried for years to help him with no success. I have learned I am wasting my breath so I gave up. Sad thing is they pass the trend on to their kids.

  3. Sooo, with all your questioning he still doesn't get it?


  4. The world is full of dumbasses, and some of them are pretty nice people. Shame, that.

  5. Yep, that is sad… And he'll probably NEVER get any better!

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