The Nuge

Has made his choice. He has given the nod to Mittens.


I doubt if I will make the same choice. I’ll likely not vote (and therefore, by omission, vote for Obama) than vote for Mitt Romney.

I am not so sure that Obama will be worse than Mittens. They are, essentially, two sides of the same coin. At least with Obama we will not have a compliant senate and house.

You think Romney is a conservative? Not a bit. Think he cares about midwestern values? nope. He’s conservative only in the east coast.

Sadly, Ted Nugent felt he had to make a choice. And he chose what he felt was the lesser of two weasels.

4 thoughts on “The Nuge

  1. I'm voting third party. It is my way of saying 'I care enough to vote, but too much to vote for either of these people'.

  2. I will be voting for Romney simply to get rid of Obama. Even the most socially progressive Republican is easier on individual rights than a democrat. Let them spend and spend it is too late to fix any of that I just don't want a full blown communist state to develop before they go broke.

  3. I would ask to remember you vote for much more that President on election day. By staying home you reduce the chances to hold the House, capture the Senate, move local and state governments to the right, act on local issues – there is much more to it than whether we toss the Big O out on his ass.

    That said, will I vote for Mitt over Obama – you bet. For all his social leanings, and his record in Mass. – he never acted "extra constitutionally". Mass. has what it has because they voted for it. Now Mitt proposed it, but the people voted for it.

    Obama, not so much. Everything from the recent birth control non event to the EPA closing mines is WV and shutting down power plants, he flaunts the rule of law, disparages the constitution and acts to "rule" rather than govern.

    By chosing not to vote, you'll be throwning a nod his way saying you agree. Please, reconsider. I believe, with all my heart, we will no survive as a nation should the Big O gain re-election. I would willingly elect a mutt from the dog pound rather than subject my grandkids to another term of Obama.

  4. I don't like anyone the Republicans have running. But voting third party is throwing the vote away as too many vote either dem or repub. I am not voting republican as much as I am voting against Obama. I don't even think Mittens is worse than Obama. Unfortuanatly, I will vote for whatever worthless blunder the republicans put up just to oust Obama and hope the majority of the people do the same.

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