1 in 8

That is the chance in the next 10 years of another Carrington Event-like  solar storm which could cause a massive communication and poser infrastructure outage…….Like for months or years.

The chances  are one in eight. that is, 12%, that we will encounter a CME that will disrupt out current infrastructure, power, and internet and telephone communications, as well as likely damage out satellites used for same…plus GPS. (Imagine all the yuppies driving around aimlessly in their BMWs and Lexii…)

How will this affect you? Maybe not at all. But I’d plan for a loss of AC power…..similar to what happens during an ice storm, only lasting (maybe) months instead of days. Have a plan to deal with and continue living with the fun that that will bring.

I’d plan for a loss of cell phone, regular telephone, and internet and other communications…A loss of TV, cable, and satellite entertainment.

The loss of TV may not be a big deal, (unless you are addicted to”Survivor”) but the loss of other communications will have a significant impact on your life.:

The food you buy at the grocery or supermarket? Yeah, it has to be ordered from the warehouse…and that order goes out over? The internet.So does the check to pay for the purchase.

The credit/debit card you use to pay for the stuff you get at the grocery? Yeah, it is validated via…the internet or telephone lines…. So no credit/debit card to buy that food. Got enough cash to cover things for a few months?

‘Cause that ATM needs both power and the internet (or at least a phone line) to operate. And likely, if and when, neither will be available. So no ATM. The bank uses both AC power and a computer (connected via telephone data line and/or the internet) to keep your account (and thousands  of others) current. How are they going to keep track? News Flash…they aren’t. And cash? Over 70% of the “money” that passes through those banks doesn’t exist except as a stream of electronic information….There isn’t enough cash to cover all of the need. 

Gas? Yeah, more of the same. No way for the station to order it, pay for it, or for them to take your debit card to sell it to you….plus no power to pump the gas into your vehicle….

Fuel for the truck to deliver that food and fuel that can’t easily be ordered or sold? Yep, more of the same issue.

Water? Guess what pumps the water for your municipal water supply…or from your well if you live in a rural area. What are ya gonna drink? Flush yer toilets with? Thirsty and smelly is no way to enjoy life, folks. 

Hungry, thirsty, and unable to drive, or watch TV…no internet either.  Bummer.

Will people adapt? Yes. We will adapt, and fairly quickly. But the intervening weeks/months will be……difficult…and interesting. There will be, essentially, two kinds of people. Those who planned for a time of difficulty, and those who have a very hard time.

Which one will you be if that one in 8 turns up?

Because if you think FEMA is going to be worth a damn, then you will be a very hungry and cold sheep…..Say “Baaaah”

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  1. I'm as ready as I can be… and having seen a grocery store lose connectivity a few months ago was an eye opener! People bitching and moaning even AFTER the store announced they were cash or check ONLY for purchases, people still tried to pay with credit/debit cards…

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