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Never said that I wouldn’t vote for the other races, congressional, senatorial, and state and local level.

But not for Romney. Might vote third party, might write in someone else, Not for Obama either.

Mittens is only slightly the lesser of the two evils. Less socialist doesn’t mean that I can vote for him. Less statist doesn’t mean that I can support him. He’s as bad as Obama. Seriously. Look at his voting record while in Massachusetts. Same Big Government statist as we have now. The only difference is that he has an “R” after his name.

You think Romney is gonna appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court? Look at his record. He’s conservative only when compared to Ted Kennedy and Obama and Olympia Snowe. He’s an east coast liberal, big government statist. The fact that the leadership of the Republican Party thinks that it is “his turn” does not make him a Republican, nor a conservative.

Why should the Republicans get the blame? They’ll brand him a “conservative” and then we conservatives get the blame when things crash. And then we’ll get another big government statist liberal with “D” after his name to take credit when (if?) things finally recover.

You’ll get no better leader out of Romney than Obama. Except that he will likely have both a compliant House as well as a Senate. Easier for them to bend you over. Easier to pass laws that he supports. Nobody to say “no!” (not that that is happening much right now, I admit). Party politics will likely help him to make things worse. He’ll fuck us in the ass, just with a bigger smile on his face and with the approval of the Republican party. He’ll grow government, and enact liberal laws. He’s no friend of the 2nd amendment either.

So no, I’ll not vote O or R. If by doing so, I allow Obama to get another 4 years, so be it.

I’m not so sure that he can be worse than Romney will be.

ETA: Strangely, Borepatch (and George Will) agree. I can’t be entirely wrong then.

ETA II: The issue of voting for Romney against Obama (or any republican for that matter against Obama)  is valid….Except that we all did that last time for McCain, and the Republican Party leadership DIDN’T LEARN. They got their guy nominated and we all voted for him like good little sheep. And it got us nowhere. We got (or are getting) another RINO liberal. Not a conservative, no even close to the “old” definition of what Republicans stand for. Again, I cannot see where Obama will be materially worse than Romney (except that Romney will want to get re-elected, and so may well tread lightly, whereas Obama will not). Romney is just Obama Lite. Niot voting might well send a message that holding our nose and voting did not.

You are, of course, welcome to disagree and do what you wish. But my opinion stands.

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  1. One reason and one reason only to vote for Romney and not a third party or Obama….

    1st term Presidents always tend to be more moderate than second term ones. With what Obama did his first term a second term scares the hell outta me more than a first term RINO.

    That is enough for me.

  2. I can't find anything wrong with your reasoning. Frankly, there haven't been any candidates worth kicking in the seat of the pants.

  3. I voted for Ron Paul in the primary and expect to write in Ron Paul for the general (and there are things about him that give me pause).

  4. "(and there are things about him that give me pause)."

    Like being an unapologetic Romney supporter and stalking horse?

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