If you are in Indiana, you need to read this.

And if you haven’t called/written/emailed/Western Unioned the Governors office regarding SB 1, then I urge you to get off the dime. He still, as of this morning, hasn’t signed it. He has until close of business Friday, March 16, 2021.  He has until March 20th to sign it. His telephone number is 317-232-4567. If you’ve already called him once, call again and ask why he hasn’t signed it yet?

Unless, of course, you think that police officers can/should come into your home/property/search your car, etc with no limits….and that you think that you should have no ability to resist said illegal invasion of your home or property.

As for my home and property, the Fourth Amendment still applies. My home is my castle, and I will resist all unlawful entry, no matter who it might be. I sincerely hope that I don’t ever need to find out how the Supreme court of the US will rule if/when I am forced to resist an illegal entry by a police officer.

If you think that the Indiana Supreme court ruled incorrectly, then fix this by urging the governor to fix a judicial fuck-up with legislation. While we shouldn’t need legislation to codify common sense and/or Constitutional rights, but apparently, because of incompetent judges, we do.

Oh, and Gov Daniels: We remember how you legislate. And, while I think you’ve done an adequate job so far, if you oppose this by not signing then I will work hard to prevent your re-election, no matter who your opponent is. IF the rights of your citizens to be secure in their homes isn’t important to you, and if the police wants and needs trumps the rights of the citizens, then you are not fit to be Governor.


3 thoughts on “If you are in Indiana, you need to read this.

  1. I agree fully I not only believe in the Constitution I am a pretty big fan of the Magna Carta. My home is my castle and it entrance requires permission regardless of who is at the door.

  2. Mitch is a lame duck — he cannot run for re-election by term limit law.

  3. He will want to get elected for something.

    He's a politician.

    It's what they do.

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