Tell me:

If I stole money, (say hundreds of dollars) (or took it without permission) from you, and gave it to all my friends, and was caught, would I likely be charged with a crime?

If I took MILLIONS of dollars and did so, would I likely be jailed?

How about if I did so with BILLIONS? And say I worked for a guy who likely ordered me do the above actions? Should he be jailed as well?

Then think about what Steven Chu has done. And who his boss is.

At best, it is incompetence. At worst, actionable criminal conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers. (I highly lean towards the latter)

Proving how high things go will be difficult, but should be done.

As our esteemed governor of Illinois is currently on his way to prison for the same sort of actions, one wonders how they got the idea…..