I haven’t eaten anything solid (not permanently) for 3 days now…

An anorexic, anemic kitten could tie me up in knots with one paw.

I haven’t done much at work but go in and wind the clock and let my staff run things like I taught ’em (and they are doing fine, they really don’t need me…)

My ass hurts like I am the New Meat in the cellblock.

I feel as if I may never be able to make noise when I fart again. I could pass a housebrick without straining.

My brother says “norovirus”…. might be right. Or something like it.

Hopefully this will pass soon.

2 thoughts on “Virus

  1. Hope you feel best soonest. Try not to eat anything scratchy. I like to try to eat colorful stuff in case I have to look at it again.

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