Equal protection

So everyone is in a tizzy because Obamacare does not exempt Catholic Hospitals and other Church organizations.


Too fucking bad

They are trying to have their cake and eat it too.

They are employers, same as me. They pay people to do jobs. Worse, most of them take federal money ion order to accomplish their mission.

They should get no exemption. None.

If they get an exemption because they are a (supposed) Catholic organization, and the thought of Birth Control or Abortion is abhorrent to them, then I should get an exemption because having to give someone something that they have not earned is abhorrent to me. And those of you who read me regularly know that I hold that as dearly as the Catholics hold their rules.

The Catholics were all behind Obamacare, until it went and bit them in the ass. While I think that Obamacare should be repealed, I also think that if it is not, it should apply to everyone, equally. No exemptions…no special treatment….Everyone plays by the same rules. That pesky 5th/14th Amendment thing….

Or scrap the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “Equal protection

  1. The churches in question are not exempted from having their employees pay tax. And the money does not belong to the government. The money the churches get was taxed when the individual made it and that individual chose to give that money of his own free will to the church.

    There should be no exemption, I agree. It should be scrapped, period. The FedGov has no business forcing a business to do what it finds morally repugnant, but they have no business forcing everyone to succumb to their healthcare mandate in the first place. ALL of it is wrong.

  2. Ya I agree with Og.

    But this is an opportunity or could be to take a stand with the churches and prove a point that eventually the libs will get around to something important to you.

  3. It's kinda funny….the Church was all for the Obamacare….until it bot them in the ass.

  4. Honestly, this has deeper ramifications. The decisions have been made – they will not do this, period. There is no bend, no flex, no alternative. It is a mortal sin to do so.

    Here is what will happen – at 25 percent of the hospitals in the US, their employees will be dropped. It will save the hospitals money. Today they probably pay 13,000 to 15,000 annually for health insurance. This will drop to a fine of $950. It will be hard on the employees, not the hospitals.

    Obama has also threatened that Catholic hospitals should provide a full range of abortion services as well. If he pushes this the Catholic Bishops have clearly stated they will close the hospitals. They will have no option. They will not sell them, change ownership – they will simply close them. 25% of our hospitals – that mainly serve the poorer communities – will be gone.

    For clarification on whether they have the will to do this, look at the results in Massachuetts when Romneycare came on line.

    You are correct with your finle line, they should scrap the entire thing – period.

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