Funny, ain’t it?

The Catholic Church was all for the Mandate, when they thought it didn’t/wouldn’t apply to them. They were all for the rest of us being forced to purchase Health Insurance when our doing so would benefit their dependents….Those who were, through fortune, misfortune, or bad lifestyle decisions caused their situation wherein they had no easy access to low cost health care and/or catastrophic care….

It was ok to force us to purchase a product which we did not need/want, in order to add to the pool of money to pay the freight fo those who couldn’t/chose not to pay their own.

But when that Mandate came to them, they are crying “First Amendment!” loudly and repeatedly.

Were it not so sad, it’d be amusing.

6 thoughts on “Funny, ain’t it?

  1. So, let me get this straight: The proper response to someone losing their rights is "They had this coming"?

    Also: "Catholic Church was all for the Mandate" is not true. A large number of Catholics may have supported this, but the official position of rome, now and ever, has always been zero support to any candidate, office, or policy that supports a "Pro choice" agenda of any kind. A lot of wobblies voted with their genitals and not thier faith, but you cannot paint the Church wiht that bloodstained brush; it was individuals within the church violating the canon law of the church. The people who are crying loudest about this now, are the very same people who opposed it when it was merely a law that had to be passed so we could know what is in it.

    WV: myogr. Myogr is bigger than yours, but doesn't smell as nice.

  2. I wouldn't have put it that way, but in a way they have it coming. I've often said that any one that voted for Obama and then gets screwed by him has it coming. All the info needed to have an informed vote in 2008 on this fascist president was out there long before the vote.


  3. No, Og, the Catholic Church was all for Universal Health Care.

    THey just didn't think that the State would make the Religions have to buy abortion insurance and such.

    I am not amused that "they had it coming" I am amused that they couldn't realize what they were supporting.

  4. "No, Og, the Catholic Church was all for Universal Health Care"

    I am a member of the Catholic Church, and I'm not for Universal health care, so that's not strictly true, is it? And in fact, the vast majority of Cathoics I know are not for and were not for universal healthcare. And the Church is not the bishops and the clergy, but the people. And once a Catholic supports a "Pro-choice" agenda of any sort, it separates them from the Church. The Church is an organization you can join, and it is an organization out of which you can be kicked. And this is one way to insure that.

    There were a lot of US bishops that supported this, and unfortunately, a lot of Catholics followed their lead. But not all. Even the ones who supported healthcare reform were hoping for actual healthcare reform, which is undeniably desperately needed. The healthcare system here is nearly as broken as the education system, and changes are required. Were the bishops in question hoodwinked? Maybe some were. Are a lot of them leftist idiots? You betcha. Is there more of that in Catholicism than anywhere else? Not bloody likely. Catholics, like the Jews in Europe, are just the bellwether. The furor that surrounds this is a message to the rest of the society as to what is about to happen.

    Remember when you paint Catholics with that bloodstained brush, you're painting me, the Ogwife, and the Oglet.

  5. Og:

    I apologize.

    I meant the leadership of the Church, and will try to be more specific in the future when I point out how stupid they are.

  6. Let me know, and I'll tell you the specific ones to point at. I know where the bodies are buried. I buried some of them. You can't go wrong starting with Michael Pfleger, frinstance, a body I'd like to bury posthaste.

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