Should have let Darwin have ’em

These folks should have been sacrificed to Darwin. With apologies because we didn’t care enough to send out very best, but rather the losers and castoffs of our society.

Losers. No survival skills. None. Can’t even follow the basic drainage to a stream, and thence to a road. Can’t be bothered to carry even a lighter for a firestarter. Can’t be bothered to do anything to ensure their survival.

But they did think about eating their dog after a few days. Better they should have sacrificed themselves to feed the dog.

I bet that these folks will not offer to pay for the fuel and other expenses that all those volunteers used to search for them. Bet that other than a generic “thank you all” they don’t bother to find and thank everyone who took time and effort to search for them.

Further, I’d bet that they haven’t learned to carry basic survival supplies, nor will they bother to map their path next time. (GPS units are so cheap these days, you’d think that if they had no survival skills, they’d at least have one of those).

And I found it interesting that the searchers tracked them for a while using the trail of their discards….Pepsi cans, clothing, and their mushroom buckets. They obviously have a lot of respect for Nature.