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Y’know, sometimes people are stupid. Sometimes they are led/influenced by stupid people. Like the news media.

We have had, here in the greater Chicago metro area, a fairly mild winter so far. For most of November and nearly all of December, we were above freezing and had very little precipitation fall as snow.

The past few days have been somewhat cold, reaching (gasp!) single digit temps. (really unusual for JANU!ARY). Today, warmer air is flowing up from the south, leading to a predicted 8″ of snow possible for some parts of the are in the next 24 hours.

People are panicking. People are cancelling travel plans. Some schools are closing, with cold and snow as the reason.

Over 8″ of snow.
In a 24 hour period.
In the midwest.
In January.

What weak sisters we have living here.

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  1. I remember "winter" in the midwest: you know, using the 2nd floor doors to get out of the house.

    Once upon a time, an 8" snowfall in January would be considered some relief.

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