Santorum did win the Iowa caucus.

But the GOP really only cares about their chosen boy, Mittens.

Santorum isn’t the chosen one. They lied. You don’t think that this had an effect going into New Hampshire?

Romney is getting the support of the GOP national folks. And he’s gonna lose to Obama.


3 thoughts on “Yep

  1. I agree that the media and GOP establishment are anointing another sure-loser.

    Keep in mind that the reason Santorum is now the winner is because 8 precinct chairmen didn't send in the results. The state can't count what they don't have and can only certify what they do have. I don't think that anyone lied, it was rather the case of someone not knowing their obligations or not following through on their duties. Not to say that shenanigans didn't take place, but this really makes us look stupid.

    Caucus night is really just a straw poll for the candidates, but more importantly, it's for choosing delegates to the county convention and vote for platforms. The candidates' delegates get chosen at the state convention later on and are under no obligation to follow the caucus results. This is why picking the delegates from each precinct is important.

    For instance, if only delegates loyal to Newt were sent to the county, district and state conventions, then Newt could end up with all of the delegates to the national convention. In spite of the results of caucus night, the state convention is where the action will be.

    From what I'm hearing in this two county area, many Ron Paul delegates had successfully moved on to the county level in a proportion higher than his caucus night results. This may not be state wide, but this is interesting, if true.

  2. I appreciate you posting that. That's why, I double checked the numbers from my precinct just to be sure it was reported to the state GOP and it was as I wrote them down.

    Could they have counted them "wrong"? Possible. I would lean towards incompetencestupidity although I won't put it past anyone to intentionally report wrong numbers.

    Politics tend to bring out the crooked behavior in some people.

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