Who determines how much profit a company can make?

Apparently, people who think that they know more than the rest of us.

Socialists, all of them. They think that they can decide how much profit is too much.
Soon, they’ll be telling you how much salary you can make. And these things will be decided by a board of people accountable to no one. People that they decide should make those decisions.

And, lets not forget that, likely, you own bits and pieces of those companies they are going to limit the profits on….if not directly through your portfolio, then through your 401K and other retirement investments.

Look: I’d like to see gas prices drop, and I’d like to return to the days when I could fill up my tank for less than a Franklin. I’d like to return to the days of muscle cars. I’d like to go back to when $5.00 could let me cruise the strip for all night with my friends.

But to limit the profit that these companies make, to pass legislation where a select group of unelected “experts” decides what is enough profit for any single corporation is madness. It places too much power in the hands of people who have no right to determine the earnings of a company. It leads to a very steep and slippery slope, wherein each of us must ask politely for a decent return on our investment, be it time, labor, or dollars. Who will be next? Farmers? Stores? Factories? Why should anyone invest in anything if there is no incentive to do so? When there is no reward?

The actual amount of profit that the oil companies, the shippers, distributors, and retail outlets (individuals, all) makes on a gallon of gas is less than the taxes that the feds and the state steal from charge you. The rate of return is minuscule per gallon.

In another time, Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and his co conspirators would have been branded “red” and hounded out of the government. Or horsewhipped for admitting that he even thought about such legislation.

How do even let these people into government?

3 thoughts on “Socialism

  1. The big oli companies, and little oil too, should announce tha tthirty days after this legislation passes the ywill no longer operate in the US. The threat of massive losses of jobs and no gas will stir the people to say WTF and storm Congress.

    Unless we have become just a nation of docile sheep.

  2. AND

    i Congressional Commies are so worried about high gas prices the yshould look no further than their President who refuses to accept oil from Caada or allow drilling in our own reserves.


  3. We know Conyers, one of the co-conspirators (fellow travellers) is a commie.

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