Why Red States have no use for FEMA

If, that is, they even bother to show up when they might be needed, and the tragedy isn’t too small for them to be bothered with.

Here is why. Notice that FEMA showed up late, and generally only got in the way.

Maybe it is only Blue states who need to have their folks treated like cattle, and where the victims are more like sheep than men and women….

My area has had its share of small tragedies. Yet the community deals just fine without outside help….And especially without outside interference supervision and management by ‘professionals”. (I live in a fairly conservative area, even though the state went for Obama last election). People helped in the aftermath of the last storm. People helped people they didn’t even know. The biggest stumbling block was communicating who needed help and where it was needed. Once people knew what/who/where, it just happened. (and, actually, most folks were helping themselves, so the actual amount of help needed was, per capita, small).

FEMA is no doubt needed for earthquakes and hurricanes and such. Maybe. It always seems that they arrive late, and reduce what efforts are existing to chaos.

In Flyover Country the Midwest, it seems that the people deal with their issues better than other Blue places.

Via Borepatch

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