No Fair!

Seems that the Justice Dept. is pissed that the truth is coming out about Holder. And his lies.

GOP is not playing fair by showing all those memos about Fast and Furious and Gunwalker…..That show that Holder should have a nose like Pinocchio.

Truth is a terrible thing if you are a politcian…Especially if you are a dishonest one. Even worse when you work for aforementioned dishonest politician….You’ll get tossed under the bus at the first inkling of scandal.

1 thought on “No Fair!

  1. Justice is when the law applies equally to everyone If you or I LIED to Congress what would happen? That is exactly what should happen to the pretending AG. Americans have allowed their elected representatives the ability of lying for to long,from the potus on down lies are just the way of doing business. Is it that way in your world? Honor and integrity are what the world I prefer to live in is based on ,how about you?

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