lying and the lying liars who are more equal than other liars

Scooter Libby got 30 months in prison, a fine of $250K and was forced to resign from all of his jobs…..And disbarred. All for lying to federal investigators (Wikipedia link) in the Valerie Plame case

Roger Clemens got indicted and is currently facing trial for lying to congress regarding Steroid and other performance enhancing substances.

Neither persons actions caused the death of another US citizen or other person. Not even one between them.

Eric Holder has been caught lying about his involvement with Fast and Furious and Gunwalker.

     “House oversight committee Chairman Darrell Issa and Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley       sentHolder a letter in May 2011 asking for details about Project Gunrunner, the ATF operation that sent thousands guns to Mexican drug cartels. Tax money may have been used to purchase the guns Grassley and Issa, “have urged Holder to cooperate and turn over subpoenaed records that would reveal the scope of the government coverup.” In October 2011, documents were released that indicated Holder was sent memos in regards to Project Gunrunner in 2010, contradicting Holder’s sworn testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in which he said he was unaware of Gunrunner until April 2011. In response, Lamar Smith, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to President Obama, requesting the appointment of an independent special counsel to investigate whether Holder committed perjury by lying to the committee while under oath”

Liar liar…. Pants on fire .

Seems they caught him with his pants down….

Do ya figure he’ll be indicted? It’ll be good for the Obama administration’s re-election if he is…

If not, the we would have to wonder why he isn’t. If it was good enough for the other two, then it should be good enough for a hand picked loyal syncophant Attorney General.

My bet is that Obama tosses him under the bus shortly.