Yeah, right

In case you haven’t heard the list of demands from the folks doing the sit in protest at Wall Street, You should go and read them. Come back when you are done laughing.

Back? Ok

Here’s the thing. In the real world, they would not survive a second. Living wage? that’s been tried. The fact is that your wage is dependant upon, among other things, demand for your particular skillset and the ease with which you can be replaced. You get paid less if you can be replaced by anyone and trained in an hour or two….and if your skillset is not in demand (Transcendental Studies or Women’s Studies or Philosophy or the like) then you don’t earn much. Doctors? They get paid a bit more
cause they are harder to replace….

Free health care? Sure, when you pay for it. Until then, kiss my ass. I’ll take the (presently imperfect) system we have now, thanks. Besides, monopolies have always made things better for the consumer….right?

Demand three: Something for nothing….to many people have a free ride now. Want things? earn ’em.

Demand five?  Pipe dreams. If you want to make it work, then get busy and find a real alternative to fossil fuels. Of course then you’ll have to work hard at school and college to actually learn things so you’ll be able to do some research….

Demand #6? We’d be able to spend money on infrastructure if we weren’t paying for all those freeloaders already.

#7: yeah, we all need to return to Mother Gaia….and to keep the Earth pristine….or something. Again, we gotta pay for it. Easy to spend money that belongs to other people isn’t it? Not like any of the protesters are taking time off a a job or anything….Oh, and BTW, Nuclear power IS alternative energy..So are those Dams you hate so much. powered by falling water. water lifted by the action of sind (which is caused by the sun) and the heat from the sun…..So Hydropower IS really Solar Power…But then again, Coal and oil is just ancient solar power stored underground if you look at it right…So where is your beef again?

Whine demand number 8. Define what you want. Likely, even if you get it, you won’t like it. I’d bet that the men supported this ’cause they thought it might give them a chance with the hot man-hating lesbian couples in the protest group. Fools.

#9….yeah, that’ll work. See also the issues we have with illegal immigrants right now. I actually don’t mind the idea as long as we can imprison those who break our laws….and check the entrants for health and such…and as long as they get no benefits that they do not (there is that word again) pay for.

#10 I can sorta agree with. Maybe everyone who votes can end up with a semi permanently purple finger like they did is Iraq or Afghanistan or whatever….

#11: Sure, then after you do that, who’ll ever lend money again? Who’ll ever be able to borrow? Nice idea, if yer stoned.

#13. Sucks to have bad credit, doesn’t it? Next time, pay your bills. Besides, if you have #10, you really don’t care about # 11 when you can’t get a loan anyway….

#13. Yeah, sounds good, doesn’t it. Until your “nay” vote gets your arm broken after work….

Look folks, I was once this idealistic…Then I grew up and learned to drive and such…..These kids are indeed idealistic, but not very realistic. They have (obviously) no experience and it is obvious that they would not like the world that they are asking for. They would not survive the end result. What they want is Communism, pure and simple. But people are not as decent as they think.Some are smarter, some are not. Some are lazier, some are more industrious. They want everyone to be equal. Which is a nice dream, actually except for the people in the dream, who are about as imperfect as we can get.  The issue is that the system we have now (sorta) rewards the harder workers and the more gifted, and lets the rest find their own level. Their system (and, I believe the similar one espoused by the liberals democrats socialists (but I repeat myself) in our government) removes all incentive to work. History is rife with the detritus of the failed systems that used similar philosophy.

Jay has some good thoughts on these folks…So does Og. (we’ll go into business there, my friend) but I like the suggestion of ASM826 best. 

I’d bet big bucks that they’d not last a year. Especially not once daddy stopped their trust funds…