You should read this:

Via Insty:

Read. All of it. Understand what has happened to our manufacturing and design base in this country.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

2 thoughts on “You should read this:

  1. Don't forget the impact that regulation has on any company that makes use of processes/chemicals to create a product. If you can't get licensed to manufacture in anything other than a multi-billion dollar facility, the work will go to a low bidder in China.

  2. Been happening at least since the mid-80s. Too late to change now without massive changes in thinking starting with legal thinking in Congress – and part of it will require some making LOTs of money now to need to make less.

    Our technology development has a strong flavor of repainting the same set of Legos a different color and calling it "new".

    Better the recycled known than the risky unknown.

    Research and development requires procedures: safety, accounting, risk mitigation. Can't do "that" without the proper paperwork.

    How do you do something new if the regulations require the following of the old?

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