I spent the weekend with a dedicated group of folks who are members of our local private range. The building that houses the indoor range was built 35 years ago, and needed work on the roof. I and another guy began the destruction on Friday afternoon.

10 people showed up to help on Saturday morning, and the real demolition began. However, we were rained out, and we packed up about 2 PM leaving the building partially disassembled, and, while temporarily rain proof, definitely neither secure nor finished nor stormproof.

Sunday dawned bright and early (and Hot and HUMID!) and a grand total of 5 (later a 6th) people showed up to rebuild and re-roof  the range building.  6 out of 140 members. 6.  

We were unable to finish due to time constraints. A lack of labor left the job of reassembly half done.

Of course, that doesn’t count the asshole guy who showed up and was upset that the range was closed BECAUSE WE WERE REROOFING THE BUILDING and would be downrange while he was shooting…He left in a huff….Without helping. Yeah, we need members like that…..

Folks, if you belong to an organization like a private range, shooting club, Issac Walton, conservation club, a church, or another organization which is limited in funds and supported by volunteers, BE A VOLUNTEER. Show up. Work, help. Be one of those few who keeps the organization going with your hours of labor.

Don’t be the other portion that just watches, or who expects others to do the job. Help do it.

And I’d like to thank those folks who gave up all or part of their weekend to keep my the range in good order.  I was honored to work alongside of you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find some Ibuprofen. 

One thought on “y’know

  1. There was some work happening at the private range to which I belong. I asked some questions, offered to help. The Jerk In Charge was going to do it his way, didn't want to justify why it was being done that way, and was not open to me pointing out a danger in his work.

    Drove me away. I'll probably not bother to offer help again.

    Unfortunate in your case. Unfortunate in my case.

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