Never, Never, forget this, either:

I was busy all weekend, and haven’t been posting much….

But Guffaw in AZ reminds us of the significance of this day.

Remember. Make plans for when/if it might be your turn.

Ruby Ridge happened because they were isolated and because the rest of the country allowed it to happen. Patriots who might have been able to make a difference chose not to even try. The news media made sure that everyone knew all about it. Enough patriots assembled together could have walked in and then left with Randy Weaver et al. Instead, they (and I) allowed to FBI to control things. And people died because we let it happen. Would that happen today with the internet and facebook and blogs and all those other means of communication.

What are you going to do when it comes time for the FBI/ATF/ABC-agency decides that it is the turn of one of your friends? When it is one of the leaders of one of those right wing groups that you pay attention to but are not a member of? When it is a guy that you know from your shooting club or who you hear talk at the local gunstore?

You gonna let the Feds pull another Ruby Ridge? Or will you have the courage to try and do something about it?

I wonder if I will.

One thought on “Never, Never, forget this, either:

  1. The trouble is the patriots have to know what is going on. A single incident even today is not enough unless you personally know the target and then enough others need to personally know the target or trust the ally for it to grow.

    The only way that is going to happen is for one higher profile target to hold out long enough for the truth to spread. It just takes one spark yes but that spark has stay lit longer than a flash.

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