Next week:

Indy 1500 gunshow. If ya haven’t been, then you should find time to go. One of the largest in the Midwest… you can find nearly everything you would want that is shooting related. If yer a collector, then you can find good examples of nearly all collectible firearms. Sometimes you can even find good deals….. Ammo, accessories,  parts, dodads, widgets, cleaning supplies, reloading components, gegaws, gear, baubles, and, of course, new, used and collectible firearms. 

And also, there is a blogmeet on Sunday. That alone makes it worth the trip. If you’ve never been to an Indy blogmeet, you should attend. Wit, witticisms, general conversation…..Highly intelligent and extremely witty people. Boatloads of snark. Good food, good beer, and good fellowship.

Why haven’t you made plans to attend both?


One thought on “Next week:

  1. I'm doing the engine and steam fest that weekend but should be back in time to join folks for a late beer.

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