She finally gets it.

Midwest Chick is, at heart, a softie. She likes to try and find the best side of people….make excuses for those who are….societally challenged. Who don’t seem to understand what the “social contract” means…

Here, however, she shows that she is finally beginning to understand…

“Theft of property is theft of life. ”

I’ve been saying this for for years…..And she finally understands. 

The one thing you have less of every day is lifespan. You can spend your lifespan (time) living, or spend your time working. Some go too far one way, others too far the other…But when someone steals from you, they take away from you the rewards of exchanging your time (and therefore your lifespan) which you havechosen to spend working… likely in order that you can enjoy the time you choose to spend living.

Theft of property, like murder, is, therefore, theft of life, if only in smaller increments.

Best not to steal my life, for I will likely take the rest of yours….