So I just

Got my first political call of the election season…..Disguised as a “survey”, When the push to tell me all about the incumbent’s virtues fell on deaf ears, the tried to go with “perhaps he’ll be able to convince you about his conservatism in the next few moths leading up to the election” gambit……Whereupon I pointed out that his voting record for the previous years was obviously NOT conservative….

I then suggested we get back to the next of the 20 questions….She asked the big one…”For whom would I vote in the republican primary”? My reply: “Anyone but your guy…Quite possibly, I’d vote for the South End of a northbound horse rather than vote for your guy…not that there is much difference”…

Seems that when push came to shove, there were only three questions in the survey, not 20. If I wouldn’t play the game by their rules, and let them preach the virtues of their candidate, they didn’t really want to hear my opinion on the rest….Maybe it’ll keep ’em from calling me back?

And why did we let the politicians exempt themselves from honoring the Do Not Call list?