Let it shut down

No, seriously.

Shut it down.

Why wait? I mean, if we are gonna have to save money, then lets start NOW. If yer gonna stop sending out old people’s Social Security checks, then start right now. Let the screaming begin.

And BTW, I thought that the Social Security money was all tied up in the “lockbox”…where it would be safe from plundering by evil Democrats and such…Or is that “lockbox” really just full of Hot Air? Empty promises? Unredeemable IOU’s? If that money is gone,  then you’ve lied to us all those years…..and I’m gonna quit sending you money from my checks from this point forward, ’cause you’ve reneged on you contract. So I think I’ll take my money and put it in another retirement fund. ’cause you’ll have proven that my money is not safe, and is not covered by the “full faith and credit of the United States”….Which is worth exactly NOTHING. forget about any of us 40 somethings, or 30 somethings, or even 20 somethings ever trusting you with all that money from our paychecks ever again.

Or were you folks lying when you said you’d have to cut off the check that is the only thing that keeps grandma and Old Mrs. Oleary from being tossed in the street and forced to eat dog food to survive or whatever.

As far as the rest of the government, shut it down. We’ll soon find out what portions are really needed to keep the country operating, and then we’ll know which parts we don’t need….so we can cut the rest down to size and get rid of all the waste that apparently takes place and save all that money.

Look: I fully expect the conservatives republicans Stupid Party to cave in at the last minute. But I hope that they won’t.

Lets find out which parts of our government are really needed….then trash the rest.

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