I have come to the conclusion

That the issue in Washington regarding the budget and our current rate of increasing the debts is not going to be resolved:

1. The folks doing the negotiating are apparently insane on one side and stupid on the other. Neither side appears to be rational, nor do they accept that the issue is one of spending too much money. They apparently don’t realize the disaster that they are driving us towards…Or perhaps they don’t care. Either way, we as a country crash and burn.

2. This will not end well. The issue seems to be not if the free money machine explodes, but rather when. These folks seem to believe that they can kick the can down the road, and keep their jobs in the meantime. The only issue is that they will be wealthy enough to weather the shitsorm that ensues, but the rest of us will not. And they really don’t care.

3. It would appear that neither side really cares for much more than theatrics. Political theater.

4. The best thing that could happen to the country would be for a Tom Clancy like disaster to happen during a joint session of congress presided over by Mr. Obama and attended by Joe Biden. With the resulting wholesale change of leadership.