Windy here….

Straight line winds damaged a LOT of homes and trees. Cleanup will likely take several days. I’d bet the affected area got 5 inches of rain in 30 minutes.

My business was damaged, and is running on a generator so we have limited power. Likely be a day or two before everyone (me included) gets power back.

But all in all, while some folks have some damage, there is at least something to be rebuilt, unlike other areas in the country. We were actually lucky that the damage was as small as it was.

It took 2 hours to go what is normally a 17 mile trip. Dodging trees and power lines and telephone wires and their associated poles which were blocking the roadways. And I nearly ran out of fuel for my truck..I was gonna fill it tomorrow. ..I almost had to break into my emergency 5 gallon can. Once again, I relearn the lesson that Murphy is always waiting to stick it to you. Don’t give the SOB the chance. Always prepare, always plan for him.