hey, all you lucky gunner shooters

Who are women (and/or pussy-whipped/girly men) and who were so terribly offended by the (apparently) cute “ammo waitresses“….

If yer that offended that you have to whine talk about it online, then why did you continue to shoot free ammo and demo firearms instead of leaving? You could have made a point, you could have left in protest. But ya didn’t….Why not?

Thought so. Free is good isn’t it? Good enough to keep you there.

Now, respectfully, shut up about this.

(this post was approved by Midwest Chick, so stop thinking misogyny, OK?)

8 thoughts on “hey, all you lucky gunner shooters

  1. I've been thinking this whole thing didn't rate a tempest in a teacup, but you sir have cut to the very heart of the matter. Well said!

  2. Err, Mr. B Midwest Chick had a great post.

    My post was not from an "I'm offended" perspective. It was from a "they spent a lot of dough on marketing to the gun blogosphere and lost Tam and Breda" perspective.

    It's not about sex and marketing, or skimpy outfits. It's about effectiveness of their spend.

  3. and my point is that the issue is with Tam and Breda. And if they were truly offended, then they should have walked out rather than complaining about it later.

    Hey, Tam admits to being a "sexy draw" at one time or another, so it is kinda hypocritic to complain when someone else does it.

  4. 1) Breda wasn't there.

    2) Nowhere did I say I was offended. Nor did I ever use the terms "misogyny", "sexism", or anything of that ilk. I didn't even "complain".

    Keep responding to what you think I said instead of what I actually, you know, said.

  5. Ok, Tam….What were you talking about in your post?

    And try reading for comprehension if you are gonna complain about mine, please.

  6. Really, complaining about other people's reading comprehension while yelling about people being there who were not there (and who made it very clear they were not there) might not be your best tactic…

  7. "Ok, Tam….What were you talking about in your post?"


    I'm pretty sure I wrote in English and rarely exceeded 2 syllables/word.

    However, despite never using the word "sexism" and stating, in plain English. "I WAS NOT OFFENDED IN ANY WAY", half the interwebz have whined all butthurt-like about how I was "offended by teh sexism."

    It's shit like this that makes me wonder why I frickin' bother to blog.

    I bear you no ill will over this. We'll be shooting at Iggle Crick on Saturday, and I really hope y'all will come down to celebrate the grand re-opening and go out for some Indian food afterward. Perhaps I can be more articulate with speech than I can with a keyboard.

  8. "I'm pretty sure I wrote in English and rarely exceeded 2 syllables/word."

    "half the interwebz have whined all butthurt-like about how I was "offended by teh sexism."

    Perhaps you were too "nuanced". Most of us are, aftere all, right wing males, which makes it hard for us to pick up on your subtleties…..Or then again, since it was all of us who misunderstood, it could be the message originator.

    Either way, you have clarified things.

    Sadly, I'll not be able to attend your Grand Opening, as I will likely be STILL assisting others in storm cleanup. When you have chainsaws and a tractor with a loader, you are everybody's friend after a windstorm….Plus I gotta work on Sunday so others can go to see some illiterate kids graduate highscrool or something.

    But thanks for the invite. Maybe next time.

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