I have watched

Over 400 people drive up to a VERY well signed and coned barricade on a closed road (due to storm damage), and enquire to the personnel manning it if they could make an exception just for them.

I mean, seriously. There is a lighted sign informing them that the road is closed 1/4 mile before the actual barricade, then 2 large yellow power company trucks (with flashing yellow lights), about 40 square feet of signage in yellow and red, then about 40 cones.

Yet people persist in driving up to the barricades just to see it the roadblock is really for everybody.

Makes one wonder.

2 thoughts on “I have watched

  1. Those types are everywhere, their mostly easily identifiable on the roads. They think the driving laws apply to everyone but them.

  2. Perhaps they knew that they wouldn't be allowed down the road, but they expected a participation award for just trying.

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