Range report

So I got my new Para 3″ carry LDA last week at the gun show and got to shoot it both Wednesday and Sunday.

I gotta say that the firearm is a nice one. A few hundred more rounds and I might begin to think that this thing is carry-worthy. I already have it’s alloy framed brother, and like the LDA  trigger and find that the 3″ 1911 style is great for my carry needs.

 Photo taken by/courtesy of Brigid

Because this is for carry, I have to have great confidence in this firearm. A failure on the range is, at worst, an inconvenience. A failure of a carry gun, should it happen, can be devastating. I never carry a firearm that has not loaded, fired, and ejected at least 500 rounds with no issues which are not ammo related.

I am well on my way there with this firearm. I have fired 400 rounds through it, including Wed. and Sunday. While it won’t eat 185g semi-wadcutter, It likes ball, and RNL, in either 230g or 200g versions and seems to like hollowpoints (including Gold Dots, my carry cartridge of choice)

This thing shoots, from a rest, 3″ at 50 feet. using a two-had grip, I can shoot 4″ and 6″ single strong hand. It is easy to handle. I was staying on target at 7 yards and floating 3 cases in the air.

I like it. As I said, zero failures for anything even approaching the design of the original cartridge as designed by JMB (PBUH).

Another week or so (if I get off my ass and do some reloading) and I will be sending it off to a ‘smith for the installation of tritium sight.

If you ever have the option of trying the LDA trigger, I would highly recommend it.


3 thoughts on “Range report

  1. OT here, but I can't help but wonder every time I see your bolochetti- Doesn't that Rhino-liner kinda stop it from being the cutting instrument that it could be?

  2. Belongs to Midwest chick. I expect she'll have me bead-blast it off soon.

  3. Waiting for summer to ask… 🙂 I bought it for the steel and the size–the Cold Steel version was not quite what I was hoping for. And Himself can fix it right up for me.

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