another instance

of the media playing Baghdad Bob. (look it up on wikipedia if you don’t remember the Iraq war)

“the majority of US citizens support the unions!”

HERE and HERE . They were trumpeting it on CBS news this morning as well.

The sad part is that they fail to realize how they undermine their credibility. And the part that angers me is that they think that you, and I, and our fellow citizens are dumb enough to believe whatever they say.

And that should anger you too.

I cannot believe that anyone will willingly support even higher taxes for someone else’s paycheck, especially municipal workers and teachers. (maybe for the military folks paychecks)

Were one to believe in conspiracy theories one might think that the MainStream Media were the propaganda department for the Democrats Socialist Party and their supporters, the unions.

I think that the real poll will come in 2012, when we find out where the support really lies.

ETA: good questions about this issue HERE