If our Democratic politicians had just listened when everyone was crying “Drill, baby, Drill”, back in 2007 as the elections loomed, those wells would likely be coming (or have recently come) online right now….and we would have less concern for the psychotic flailings of a madman... and how his actions affect the price of oil.

No, Not that madman …..Sorry, I mean this madman.

And oil would likely not be at $100+ a barrel, and gas not at $3.50+ a gallon.

Hope you have a plan for when it hits $5.00 per gallon for gas, and $6.00 for diesel.

’cause you aren’t going to be able to afford to drive anywhere…..and you aren’t going to like what the fuel cost does to the price of your food and consumer goods.

And all to appease a very small minority of our citizens….Just so he could gain 5% more votes.

At what cost to the nation?