Only cops should have firearms.

They have the training, and the skills to use them. Cops are all our friends? Right? To “protect and to serve” and all that…..

And, of course, they are psychologically tested and all.


Sure. We can trust ’em.

The fact is that they are just people, like you and I. Some are good, some are bad, most are in between.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the officers in Lake County In, and in Will County, IL for their fine work in the incident. They had very few leads to go on, a half assed description of the perpetrator and the vehicle he used, and they made the most of them. Ballistics as well as good, old fashioned police work led to the quick apprehension of this whack job.

One thought on “Only cops should have firearms.

  1. Yeah, the cops did yeoman's work, no doubt. This is the classic example of why civillians ought to be armed.

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