An excellent speech by a valedictorian.

And an indictment of the “educational system” which graduated her.

I too had several mentors who taught me to question. My father, and a teacher.

Dad: it was you who taught me to question things, not to merely accept what I was taught. It made life hard for me in school, but it made me a bit more intelligent, and I learned more that way.

My teacher, Jerry Boehner, reinforced that teaching from my Dad. Jerry: all I can say is “Thank you”. You too taught me to question, to learn, and above all to THINK. Would that all teachers were like you. Sadly, that is not the case. The system drives out those exceptional individuals, preferring those who would perpetuate the system of mediocrity.

The sad part is that this carries into our colleges and universities. The educational system is broken. Even some of it’s victims best graduates can see it. Now if only the leaders in academia could open their eyes.