Why you need to have a firearm ready

and be prepared to use it. Plus, LOCK YOUR DOORS!

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…..then they have to set up a perimeter and mill around deciding what to do……..

Would the linked incident have ended differently had the homeowners had a firearm? Who knows? But since we cannot rely on the police to do more than take pictures of the bodies and file a report afterwards, prudence would require that you have the means to defend yourself (and especially the training to use it!). Having one might have made a difference in this case. Might not have too. We’ll never know.

But the fact remains that the police, despite having many opportunities to do something to change the outcome, chose not to. And their inaction led to at least 2 deaths, possibly three. I respect my local police. I wouldn’t want their jobs. It is a hard one, and it often requires judgement calls which, if made wrongly, could lead to them being disciplined or dismissed. But in this case, they failed. Failed utterly to live up to the trust which the citizens had placed upon them. Failed to do their job. Failed to save the lives of the citizens they were sworn to protect. And that is a tragedy for all involved.

People think that I am crazy because I am armed nearly all the time, even when working in my yard. Sometimes I do too. Then incidents like this happen, and I remember why I carry, even in my own yard (and I am seldom far a way from a firearm in my home). I live in a nice “safe” neighborhood. Things like the above “just don’t happen here”. Except when they do.

You’d have thought that the police would have learned the lessons from such incidents as the Columbine HS disaster. But have they? Apparently not all of them have.

You are the first line of defense for your (and your family’s) safety. There ARE wolves out there. Be a sheepdog.

Darwin, as in this case, is waiting.

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  1. Some where along we have forgotten that the police are incompetent bumblers only skilled at protecting their own sorry asses and the asses of their ruling class handlers.Protect yourself and family, never call the police for anything,unless you want your dog or children shot.

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