So ya think they’ll get the message?

I am sure that everyone else has commented on this, but….

Hey, Mr Steele & the rest of the RNC:

Figure it out yet? We don’t want “DNC lite”, or “Less Liberal”. We want C.O.N.S.E.R.V.A.T.I.V.E..
Not “hold your nose and vote for our candidate even if you dislike him/her, but its OK because he/she has the “R” label, so you should vote for them anyway….”

Your failure to support true conservative candidates is making you irrelevant in today’s elections. And the fact that you fail to pass the money back out to the voters choice to continue their campaign is making you even more irrelevant. Keep it up, and you will soon go the way of the Triceratops and the Dodo. “Daddy, what is a Republican?”…..”they died out in the early part of the 21st century son…..No one fed them. No campaign donations or votes came their way so they simply disappeared….starved to death. Replaced by the Tea Party……and Libertarians.”

Support true conservatives, and you’ll win more often than you’ll lose, folks. And even if that winner isn’t your first choice, their philosophy and the way they’ll vote will be a LOT more to your liking than the liberal candidates will be.

You betcha.

Keep it up, assholes, and you’ll be replaced. Just as mammals replaced the lizards…..Only faster. Change, or you’ll not get one thin dime from me. I’ll take that money and send it to the candidates directly. We has the Internet and such today, and really don’t need you to help distribute the cash anymore.

2012 can be won. But not if you keep going the way you are. Run another “Less Liberal” candidate, and you’ll experience another loss.

And I, for one, can’t stomach much more “change”.

One thought on “So ya think they’ll get the message?

  1. Ya think they'll get the message?

    Nope. But you can't block the signal any more. Which means they've switched off.

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