Stimulus money FAIL

So the feds cannot even seem to spend the “Stimulus Money” correctly…

Seems that $823K of it was spent in AFRICA teaching men how to properly wash their genitals.

1. I don’t give a rats ass how beneficial to the recipients this might be, this money is NOT in any way a stimulus for  the US economy.

B. Who really gives a shit of these folks can’t figure out how to wash their pee-pee. I understand that AIDS is still an issue and all that but wtf?

III. Whoever approved this expenditure should be shot, not merely fired or demoted…We waste enough US taxpayer money in Africa as it is, much less “Stimulus Money” that is really borrowed from future wage earners.

Either that, or just admit that the “Stimulus” was just a payoff for special interests and a power grab……You can’t have it both ways.

Yeah, they are gonna spend our health care money SO wisely, I am sure……

One thought on “Stimulus money FAIL

  1. Yes it was a payoff to special interests. The only thing it stimulated was Chris Matthews leg(he does not know how to wash his pee-pee either) as to being shot I think it is going to come down to a hole lot of shooting.

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