Constitution day

Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States. The one document which makes this country stand out from all others. The rules by which we are supposed to run this country……The rules which make the country a beacon  and destination of home and freedom for nearly all other peoples on the world.

What would the original signers who wrought this document think today of what we and our ancestors have made with it, and how we are ignoring it? How might they comment upon the country which exists today and the network of laws which violate the rules laid down in that document 223 years ago today?

I think that they’d be checking their powder and knapping the flints on their muskets, preparing for another revolution. They’d be buying rope in 10 yard lengths and looking for sturdy trees.

If you haven’t read the Constitution lately, do so.

And if you really want an education, take the time to read the Federalist Papers also. Link at the sidebar.

Then think about the country as it exists today compared to what was envisioned 223 years ago, by those men who fixed their signature to a document,and in doing so, laid the framework for the greatest, most free country in the world, and created the Land Of Opportunity for those willing to come here.

And be thankful that you live in country where, although somewhat tattered, the Constitution is still (mostly) the law of the land.