Confidence inspiring, ain’t it?

So once again the TSA is in the spotlight. Since they are now 8 years old, one might expect that the management of the TSA would have had time to get their shit together in one sock, and be able to keep it there. But apparently once a person becomes a government employee, their IQ and attention span decreases by at least 10%.

The “security breach” at Newark on 1/3/10 shows just how much we have gained in security…..It’s not just that some guy who took the job because the local McDonalds wasn’t hiring that day was not paying attention. It was also because the folks in charge of the cameras had apparently not bothered to make sure that this important piece of technology was operating….

I’m sure that everyone involved, the techs, the officer(s) and especially the management will be beaten and then “thrown roughly to the floor” disciplined and then summarily dismissed.

The fact is that you need very few credentials in order to be hired to be a TSA agent. IIRC, you do not need a H.S. diploma or G.E.D., nor are their any IQ tests. In fact, these are the same people (and their friends and siblings) who were doing your security BEFORE 9-11, only with better benefits and more comfortable (and official looking) uniforms….

So why, after nearly 8 years, can they not do any better?

It is frightening to me that we have examples like this, and that of the Post Office USPS, to inspire confidence in the government operation of our health care apparatus.

The USPS loses more and more money every year, at a higher and higher cost for the same service……The TSA cannot even stay awake long enough to do its job of keeping US air travel safe. More and more stupid regulations implemented, not for additional safety nor in response to a specific threat, but rather to make up for the shortcomings of the TSA personnel.

Remember this when you cannot get care because the Big Government Health Care clerk (transferred from the TSA, and probably cohabitating with a USPS mail sorter) decides you really don’t need that heart operation this week…..

We all know that a job created by a government bureaucracy attracts only the best and brightest folks, with the highest work ethic….

I just can’t wait for Health care…..Really, The TSA makes me feel so safe with it’s “Kabuki Security Theater” ever changing and poorly thought out rules, and I am so inspired by the thought of such behavior in my Health Care masters.