Not just a bunch of happy go lucky hard drinkers

Seems that the Aussie government is getting SERIOUS with the folks who are against the government screwing with a farmer. Crushing of dissent and all that. Watch what happens. I would not put such tactics past our own dearly loved Jack Booted Thugs government officials.

Remember, this is a peaceful protest, planned in support of a farmer whose hunger strike is in protest of a government whose policies have resulted in a situation where his land has been essentially taken away from him with no compensation and no recourse.

The Aussie government is beginning to notice the protesters, judging by their tactics.

Perhaps they are getting scared.

How soon ’til these tactics are used against the Tea Party protesters? How soon until they decide to get serious about squelching protests?

Stay tuned. Seems that when one government does it, the rest soon follow…

Thanks to Bore Patch for the info.