It’s about time…

only like 9 years late

Seems that there is now a fatwa prohibiting attacks against the US and Canada by extremists…..It is no longer a good idea..In fact, anyone with knowledge of such an attack or plans thereof should expose such plans….

Well, it is a step in the right direction, if a little late.

And, in order to make it stick, they had to state that any attack against either country was an attack against the Muslim citizens of our countries…..Not just that the attacks themselves are wrong (apparently as the rest of us are infidels it might not be wrong to attack us?????)

Hey, Imams….It’s wrong to kill people….Not just Muslims, EVERYONE who is not attacking you. Call it wrong. Condemn those who commit such acts…Stand up, move your religion into this century….

Anyway, enough said. It’s at least a start.