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So in light of all the private planes, limos, etc used by the so called Climate Specialists (or world domination asshole flunkies….take your choice), one might wonder how they justify their behavior…

I mean, how many attendees plane-pooled (like carpooling, only faster and at a higher altitude), Limo Pooled (like plane pooling, only at a slower speed and a lower altitude but with more and more convenient stops), or made any attempt to lower their massive contribution to the Global Warming causing carbon emissions.

Really, if they actually believe that, then they would live the word….walk the talk….

But they don’t.

When the Global warming folks pledge to never attend a conference like this again…..But rather use videoconferencing….When they stop flying in private aircraft…..When they carpool….when they stop heating their houses with carbon based fuels (or use electricity generated using carbon based fuels)….When they begin to bicycle to work and only buy food grown locally…..

Until then, I will be a sceptic. Until then, I will not believe the dire warnings….I will not believe in any global warming caused by man, nor the so called danger we and the world are in because of it.

When these people live as they suggest we do, then I will begin to think about deciding to believe….

But I always figured these sorts of gatherings are for them to preen in the light of their “Peer reviewed” reports, congratulate each other in a circle jerk of adulation….and, of course, eat free hor’dourves and caviar and (because it is Copenhagen) aquavit by the glass….All on someone else’s dime…

But I think they are just plain everyday hypocrites