The output of a small country

Or, actually, a not too terribly small country.

The carbon output of MOROCCO for an entire year (2006)….Now, I know that Morocco is not the most industrialized, nor the largest, nor the most populated country in the world, but still….

40,584 tons of carbon generated for this one month of “conferences”.

If they really believed that mankind was a part of the problem, then, like Bali before, they’d not fly in, but would rather watch the presentations via videoconferencing at major cities around the world.

But they act like either:

Reducing emissions is for the little people, not them,


They really don’t believe that AGW is an issue.

Set an example, and all that.

ETA:::: “Taking a private jet to a conference on stopping global warming is a bit like traveling in a sedan chair carried by indentured servants to a summit on stopping human trafficking.”