Told ya so

Seems that those who investigate such things have found that not only are the weather data stations that are used for climate data cherry-picked to show a trend of warming, but actually some of the “data” is actually a lie.

Told ya.

ETA: Bore Patch has much much more…..Huge amounts in fact.

Take the time to read THIS POST and follow his links..

As I have been saying…. It is all lies. Lies designed to let someone else control the economies of the major industrialized nations….

And so many of you thought that my tinfoil hat was on a bit too tightly….

One thought on “Told ya so

  1. Thanks for the link. The wheels are starting to come off the "science" as scientists do what they do – try to reproduce results.

    Grab some popcorn – this is fixin' to be a good show!

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