Hey, this Kool-Aid tastes bad!!!!!

Seems that those who jumped on the Obama Bandwagon are unhappy. Not too many people like him nearly as much as they thought they would after they voted for him.

Many of those who drank the Kool Aid seem to have become disenchanted with the flavor of the drink, now that they have had a chance to reflect on the taste for a while……It seems to be leaving a bad taste in even his most ardent supporters mouths.


Did you really think that Mr.Obama, the poster child for DNC Liberalism, was going to be able to make everyone happy at the same time? Srsly folks, who among us really thought that he would? Seems that reality has smacked the nice Obama in the face, and he is realizing that doing the job is harder than campaigning for it….

Seems that they can’t even sell Obama memorabilia in D.C. anymore….

The cracks continue to widen…… This statement is priceless….(HT: the Blogfather)

Things look good for the GOP in 2010 and 2012, if they just get their heads removed from their anal orifice.