Pravda has the right of it. Read this article (it’s long and windy, but indeed, it is correct) about the EU, and the fact that it is moving farther and farther towards the state that was behind the Iron Curtain. It is, of course, Pravda, with all that that implies, but being Pravda does not make the message any less correct…..

Seems that the socialists have won, they just had to wait for the effects to occur. All that posturing, all the military hardware they had in order to bring socialism to the masses of Europe, and yet, the Europeans have gone and brought their own socialism to themselves. Either this is a really, really well crafted long, long, long, range plan coming to fruition, or they were just lucky…

Either way, the socialists seem to have won. And even Pravda notices.

And we, as Americans, have elected a socialist “Great Leader” who wants to emulate the EU in its drive towards a more socialist state.

He is bankrupting the country, socializing our industries, and controlling our banks.

What is next? There is already an attempt at the curtailing of free speech……..