What Copenhagen is really all about:

Socialism. Plain and simple. Evening out all of the world’s population in order that there is an even amount of misery. Everyone (except,of course the self appointed ruling class) will share in the lack of things. This is a tax upon the developed countries of the world, for the (supposed) benefit of the less developed countries. (go HERE for more info) THIS IS ABOUT CONTROL.

(It might well be that the Global Conspiracy Theorists have been right all along?) I know that this sounds like I am a crackpot (and maybe I am), but the actual reality is WORSE! Take the time to read the links, then decide…..IF you don’t get angry, then you aren’t paying attention. Read what they admit they want to do.

Let us not forget the fact that the US, much of Europe, and many other countries have both taken (and paid for) and used the resources from those poorer countries that Copenhagen wishes to help by damaging those more successful countries, but that we have spent billions of dollars trying to help those same poor countries elevate their standard of living, to no avail.

Were it not for the World Health Organization, those same poorer countries would have fewer people in them (due to disease) and were it not for the food that was given to those countries by the US and Europe in aid, many of their citizens would have died from starvation. Now we have to tax the “richer” countries in order to make things “fairer”. And much like contributions to the UN, most of the value given to the organizations will be used internally, for the benefit of the organization, and little actually flowing to the intended recipients.

It’s not like they didn’t have the chance to drag themselves out of the mud with all the help that was given….What happened was that the best and the boldest left their third world shitholes for better opportunities and the socialist weenies want to give the rest of them that stayed behind the same benefits without the effort.

Expect to pay big carbon taxes soon so that the poorer countries can reap big rewards for their failure to become something (it probably won’t help, but they will try, and at our expense.)

(Of course, my first thought about shooting anyone (including government officials) who wants to tax this country for it’s success is probably over the top, so we’ll have to come up with a better, more nuanced version idea).

If this treaty is passed, I see big discussion fodder in the next election cycle, and big changes, even bigger that what might occur due to health care. The thought that any official of this government would undermine the sovereignty of this nation is utterly abhorrent to me. The thought that they think that they can get away with is is even more shocking. The thing is, we, the people, by voting such folk into power, HAVE GIVEN THEM THE RIGHT TO TRY!

Me, I am a neanderthal, and would advocate for torches and lampposts and rope and such (some assembly required) for those that would ratify such actions against the interests of the US and it’s citizens.