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So why is health care the big thing? If they want to be socialist (first of all, then get the hell out of my country….But, I digress) then why start with health care?

Why not use schools as the first big equalizer? Make each and every person attend public schools. You’d get better indoctrination there, and that would indeed be a great equalizer. No more special schools or better funded schools for white suburbanite kids and poorly funded schools that are poorly administered for the inner city youths. One size fits all…No special privileges for anyone.

The Obama Administration made noises about public service by school aged kids, but those seem to have faded away soon after inauguration day. If not schools and not public service to “equalize ” all of us socially, then what is the plan?

So why health care? Is it about control? Or is there another agenda after this…..Not to get too tinfoil hat wearing stuff here, but why the big push by the Democrats? They know that the majority of citizens are against the reform, and that the majorities in both houses are in jeopardy because of this (and the stimulus package), which leads to danger for holding the White House in 2012 too…

Anyone who can add can see that the plans proposed are bankrupt from the start. They will damage the country’s 260+/- million people with decent health care, all at risk for the 25 million who don’t have great health care…Everyone gets emergency medical care, just not for free…..And this plan won’t give anyone free health care either….

So why? Win this fight over health care, and they lose voters and seats in the houses….Lose the fight over health care, and they lose prestige and votes and again, the majority in both houses….

Is it just that the socialist dream seems possible for these socialists now that they have the majority in both houses AND a president who sill sign any socialist bill they present to him? Are they willing to chance it all just so they can push forward the socialist agenda a big notch forward?

If not that, then what?

Or am I missing something?

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  1. I'm just wondering – did you attend private schools growing up? It would be much more consistent with your ideology….

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